Wine is a valuable asset and investment that requires proper storage space/cellaring to realize its value. Wine will evolve in the bottle and mature to its full potential under the best controlled chilled environment.


Correct wine storage is essential. No matter how good a wine is, if stored poorly it will never realize its full potential.

The ideal wine storage environment is dark, stable and cool – about 55 F/13 C with relative humidity at about 70%, to prevent corks drying out. For cork-sealed bottles (which effectively ‘breathe’ very, very slowly), air quality is also a consideration.

The impressive list of features for our wood storage cabinets is sure to impress.

– Kept at a constant temp
– Kept at 70-75% relative humidity
– Pest control
– Free wine tasting room
– Various sizes from 36 cases – 300 cases capacity
– Free 24/7 access to your wines
– Digital CCTV recording
– Controlled lighting
– Designed to minimise handling
– Convenient location & good parking
– Trustworthy, professional & reliable staff